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renewable energy

Renewable Energy

With the demand for Alternative and Renewable Energy growing rapidly, we have developed a niche within the industry.  This growth will continue to increase as the nation moves toward more energy independence.  We understand that companies need a strategic sourcing advantage to help them fill these critical roles.
Whether you need a Power Electronics Engineer, Project Manager, or a CEO, we can help you find those top notch individuals that will bring value to your green energy organization.  We work with everyone from manufacturers to integrators to distributors.

We possess Recruiting Expertise in several areas: power semiconductors, thin film deposition, RF Power (amplifiers, microwave, generators, etc), PVD processes, energy storage, inverter development (residential, commercial, and utility) both wind and solar, field service, (turbines) power generation (residential, commercial, and utility), power electronics, power electronics manufacturing, and transmission & distribution, energy sales(wind and solar).

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