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information technology

Technology has changed the way we live and no more so than in the workplace.  In place of filing cabinets and mailrooms, we now have databases, email servers, and the cloud.  It takes a highly specialized workforce just to keep the typical business running optimally and even more so to keep us moving forward in this global marketplace.  At Dunhill, we have the expertise and vast network of candidates to identify top-tier candidates in this very competitive market.

We have a wealth of experience in all areas of IT/IS.  Whether you are looking for Developers, DBAs, Network Engineers, Systems Administrators, Data Analysts, QA Engineers or Cyber-Security Experts, we are able to identify, screen, and qualify these candidates.  We also keep abreast of emerging technologies because if there is one area that is constantly evolving, this is it!

Some of the areas we’re currently working in include:  healthcare systems, information assurance, big data analytics and development, mobile application development, serious gaming for training, modeling and simulation, service-oriented architectures, software as a service (SaaS), and high-availability trading systems.

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